Крыши домов. Под крышей дома. Аист на крыше дома.
аист на крыше дома

аист на крыше дома

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The disassembled gauge of the Hall of the engine with working volume 1,8 l. The major details are integrated system of the Hall (in the case with a socket) and диафрагменный a rotor. Very much упрощенно it is possible to tell: the Hall gauge provides inclusion and current deenergizing to the ignition coil (a bypass way through the block of management and the terminal cascade). It is named in honour of an opener of effect of the Hall which is used in this gauge. The Hall gauge consists of following details: from диафрагменного a rotor, for example, with four dredging (depending on quantity of cylinders), a constant magnet and the direct integrated system of the Hall located opposite to it. All it works as a light shutter, only here instead of light work with electromagnetic radiation. If the rotor diaphragm is in an electromagnetic field the Hall gauge starts up a current to the management block. When the diaphragm leaves from an air backlash between integrated system of the Hall and a constant magnet the current does not arrive in the management block. These are signals for ignition. The Hall gauge settles down: In the engine capacity of 74 kw under the distributor; In the engine capacity of 92 kw and in the four-cylinder engine capacity of 110 kw ahead at the left on a head of the block of cylinders; In the six-cylinder engine behind on the left head of the block of cylinders. The gauge of number of turns and the gauge of the moment of ignition In addition to the gauge of the Hall the information in the management block arrives from the gauge of number of turns of the engine and the gauge of the moment of ignition (last only in the six-cylinder engine). Both are so-called induction gauges. The gauge of number of turns of the engine functions as follows: in the gauge the coil and a magnet are placed. The interfaced detail is formed by gear heights on a gear wreath of a flywheel behind on коленвале . Each time when the tooth passes under the gauge, changes a magnetic field of a constant magnet, and in the coil there is a pressure. In the form of pressure it is enough this small signal for the subsequent processing in the management block. Available also the information on frequency of rotation коленвала . To define exact position коленвала , in a certain place on flywheel perimetre the steel pin has been placed.

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