красивые крыши домов

красивые крыши домов

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Dismantle a bumper. In apertures (the photo below see), the tools provided for reception 3369 (as replacement our pipe), note a felt-tip pen an arrangement of a face-to-face part. Thus, it will be possible to check up correct position of a face-to-face part at the subsequent assemblage. Screw up the tool 3369 (as replacement our pipes) in provided for this aperture. For this purpose unscrew on the right the bolt screwed up there. Unscrew all bolts of an arm of a bumper. Then unscrew on the right and at the left one bolt under lanterns of indexes of turns, and also on two bolts above on headlights. Pull forward a face-to-face part approximately on 70 mm. For fixation of a face-to-face part screw up back of two bolts above on headlights in a carving aperture of the first. Installation: again move up a face-to-face part to the car and in the beginning screw a bumper – only after that unscrew auxiliary tools. After assemblage check up, whether the marks made in the beginning settle down again in the centre of apertures. In this case assembly position of a face-to-face part the correct.

Тихон — No Comments 19 Jul 12 Untitled Решила тоже сделать бэкап своего жж. Ну так, чтобы было. Перечитываю сначала. Нашла прекрасноэ десятилетней давности: 12/26/2002 13:36:00 Две пузатых мелочи, Тихон и Андрей (среди одноклассников выглядят как дошкольники), идут со школьной елки. Поругались, посекретничали, помирились. Андрей: “Тихон, если ты еще будешь ко мне приставать, я могу повернуться и ударить тебя.

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