Крыши домов. Крыша двухэтажного дома. Крыша дома чертежи фото. Крыша крыльца дома фото.
крыша крыльца дома фото

крыша крыльца дома фото

Салоны красоты Москвы

For replacement of spark plugs in the engine capacity of 92 kw it is necessary to disconnect a socket (1) on the terminal cascade of capacity and to unscrew the terminal cascade together with ignition coils. By arrows screws are shown. At installation consider an order of a lining of a wire: the wire from the back coil (2) goes to 2 cylinder (4); a wire from the forward coil (3) – to 1 cylinder (5). The maintenance service plan provides replacement of candles through each 60 000 km or every three year – depending on that comes earlier. The Time interval warns occurrence of defect at the expense of ageing at small run. Audi provides very big interval in maintenance service which can be observed only in case of use of admissible types of candles. Therefore there is occasion no it to extend even more. On a working condition of system of ignition it is necessary to pay special attention in the event that in cars is каталитический the converter – we already spoke about it. It is necessary to examine the dismantled candles critically: further you will read, about what tells «the person of a candle». If sometimes candles are unscrewed for check: it is desirable not to clean a candle a hand. It harms изоляционному to a layer of an intermediate electrode of a spark plug (стеатит) . Dismantle of spark plugs  PERFORMANCE ORDER

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