покрасить крышу дома

покрасить крышу дома

модные прически на выпускной 4 класс

Remove both facings of racks of a roof behind. Check up connection with weight of heating of back glass on the right rack of a roof, and also, whether the aerial amplifier fixing screws is reliably connected to weight. Attentively check up the top three current-carrying paths on back glass: whether there is a visible rupture? If yes, carry out repairs by a current-carrying silver varnish or put new back glass. Now electric check follows: Disconnect a socket thin white токоподводящего wires above on the amplifier, measure pressure concerning weight. For this purpose include a radio receiver. Presence pressure from the accumulator: current giving on the amplifier is perfectly in order. There is no pressure: eliminate rupture in a wire. On the same wire measure a current between a socket of the amplifier and the removed wire. The ampermeter should show 30–50 мА , otherwise the amplifier of the aerial does not consume a current and, hence, it is faulty – replace. The following check: disconnect the bottom wire on warmed back glass, include ignition and heating of back glass, measure pressure in a wire. In it there should be a pressure of the accumulator, otherwise malfunction in токоподводящем a wire or in the amplifier, outline damage. Disconnect bottom (thick white) a wire on the amplifier, measure pressure at the included ignition and heating of back glass: If there is a pressure of the accumulator токоподводящий the wire is perfectly in order, probably, the amplifier is faulty. If is not present, on the contrary.

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